The Friends For The Game

The Friends For The Game^® (FFTG) are a Registered Multigaming since 2013 which was established in 2006 which began as a clan with few members who mainly devoted to play “Counter Strike”.
Today the Friends For the game has been growing, with the ambition of becoming a renowned Multigaming and can ascend in the field of Electronics Sports Worldwide. With several large variety of games teams since, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”; “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”; “Minecraft”; “League of Legends”; “H1Z1″ and other games…
The main thing is the fun and the interaction between all!!!
We hope to soon be able to count with the launch of innovative and unique designs.
And How Registered marks the Friends For The Game Of congratulate the team DOTSI / dotplay, because without them it would not be possible.
>**”Your mind is creating innovation”.**

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